Ubuntu for Android to debut today?


We are sure many of you would love to install Ubuntu on your Android device and try out a new operating system just for a change. For those eagerly waiting for such a release Canonical has announced that “all-new Ubuntu product” will be released on January 2nd, which happens to be today.

While Canonical has only revealed that the product will be released today, it is still unknown what this Ubuntu product is like and what it will have to offer. At this point in time we could only guess but we can expect that the release Canonical is talking about is Ubuntu for Android, which has been in the pipeline for quite some time now.

The announcement is definitely very interesting but don’t get too excited, as the possibility of an Ubuntu phone or tablet is very unlikely. Canonical founder had already made it clear that the operating system won’t be ready for use on phones or tablets until the year 2014. As for this Android release, we suspect that it could make it easier for Ubuntu users to sync their Android smartphones and tablets easily with their computer.

Also, Ubuntu for Android could be activated when the device is docked to an Ubuntu computer, after which users will see whatever they are doing on Android like an instance on Ubuntu. This will be helpful in giving users an idea of what Ubuntu for mobile devices will be like.

Ubuntu is currently running a timer on its official site, which as of this time or writing says that “So close, you can touch it” with the timer sitting at around 1:30 hours remaining. We will find out what Ubuntu has up its sleeves in next few hours.

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